Dear customers,

Due to the health emergency caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the related order of the Spanish government to quarantine the whole country, we inform you that from now on and until the ordered state of emergency is suspended, our office will be closed to the public. This measure is a preventive and necessary measure to stop the spread of the virus.

For the time being, CESFAM Instalaciones is available to you only in case of emergency by calling 951311376.

We ask for your understanding for this precautionary measure. At the same time, we would also like to ask you to follow the instructions of the Spanish government: please stay at home; then hopefully we can meet again in a few weeks in good health.

Your Roman Schneider

Cesfam Instalaciones - In Fuengirola since 2003

For over 15 years, CESFAM Instalaciones has been synonymous with professional competence and the enthusiasm of its employees. Quality, flexibility and punctuality are the three cornerstones of the philosophy of the company. The other premises of the company are accessibility, dependability and experience.

These objectives are implemented through highly qualified and motivated teams of employees working together.
The result is quality professional work in each and every one of the tasks assigned and the final satisfaction of the client.